Frequently asked questions

What projection system does GeoPoint use?
The GeoPoint database uses the WGS 1984 Geographic Coordinate System.  If the user would like to incorporate the GeoPoint database into their own ArcGIS project which has a different coordinate system, a coordinate transformation will be necessary.

How current is data within GeoPoint?
Care is taken to ensure that the latest sources are included in the GeoPoint database. The rate at which new articles and reports are published requires bi-annual updates.

What fields of the Earth Sciences are included in GeoPoint?
GeoPoint has a particular focus on Structural Geology, Tectonics, Mineralogy and Geochronology but also includes the fields of Geochemistry, Volcanology, Geophysics and Stratigraphy.

How do I access the original sources?
Full reference information is supplied within a linked attribute table.  Where available, a hyperlink to the relevant source will direct the user to the original publisher’s website. Note: due to copyright restrictions, GeoPoint does not supply the original article or any of the maps or figures therefrom.

What software do I need?
Users require active internet connection and at least a Basic version of ArcGIS (V10.0 or later). Refer to your local ESRI distributor.

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